Mindfulness in Healing

This web site is a result of more than two years of weekly sessions at a clinic in San Anselmo, California. People of all ages and all types of ill-being, including care givers, drop in for compassionate listening and loving speech each Wednesday evening. The changes that we’ve observed can also be seen in you, the reader.

The Mindfulness in Healing group triggered a skill which has allowed these wonderful trainings to come to you. People come to the group with all kinds of issues and together with my co-facilitator, we listen deeply and talk with loving speech each week. With these mindfulness practices, we are able to tune into the state of our members and provide guided practice sessions that leave us all feeling like we can’t wait until next Wednesday. One client, who has been with us for more than eight months, has been known to say, “Thursday is my best day because of coming to the group on Wednesday nights!”

My goal is to bring to you in the form of this web site a small taste of our Wednesday sessions.

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