Benefits of Mindfulness

Lotus BlossomsThe benefits of mindfulness practice and sitting silently are without limit. In the first place, you will begin to experience peace within you and around you. Peace may not come all at once, but if you practice for at least ten minutes three weeks in a row without missing a day I bet you will find a little more peace in your life.

Next, you may experience your heart opening to the people you love and who love you and begin to enjoy the wonders of life around you. You may see more clearly how the earth we live on is really a wonderful place to be. You probably will find more enjoyment in flowers, birds, trees, animals, and other life forms recognizing that they too want happiness and avoid suffering. Your own feelings about yourself may reach a point where you are happy most of the day.

Next, you may experience a glimpse of the beauty and radiance of your own true nature. You may be able to answer such questions as, “Who am I”, or “What is my purpose in life?” In any case, the increased knowledge of your inner self will inspire you to keep on practicing for many years to come.
Many practitioners find that their health improves drastically as stress is reduced or eliminated from their lives. In my way of thinking, stress is the extra suffering we put on ourselves over and above the challenges that life brings. Mindfulness is the path to lessening the hold of our addictions and increased wellness.

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