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In 1976 when my son was diagnosed with stage 4 grade 4 metastatic kidney cancer (a Wilm’s tumor), he used “mind stories” to help cure cancer. Today, he is 47 years old and happily married. Enter your name and email address to order Healing Cancer with Your Mind.

Dr. Jerome Freedman


  • Become Your Own Advocate

    In Healing Cancer with Your Mind you will learn to become your own advocate for healthcare in order to improve your chances for a complete recovery. Research has proven that people who do this are far ahead of the curve when it comes to having a Radical Remission and healing themselves.

  • Investigate Your Possibilities

    In Healing Cancer with Your Mind you will learn about alternative medical practices that can complement your standard medical treatment and give you a better outcome. You will learn what lifestyle changes can help you lesson the blow of your rigorous treatment schedule. You will learn the value of connecting with your family and friends and joining support groups. You will learn how to gather an effective team of complementary medical practitioners with your standard medical doctors. You will learn the value of giving back to your community when you feel ready to do so.

  • Begin Your Daily Meditation Practice

    A daily meditation practice will provide you with the clarity to make the best decisions for your life and healthcare. Meditation will help you recapture your personal power to increase your chances of healing. When you purchase Healing Cancer with Your Mind, you will receive additional guided meditations to enhance your practice.


Dr. Jerome Freedman

Dr. Jerome Freedman

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